Can anyone recommend an FM Receiver that would play into a relatively high end system?

I have gone “all in” on digital streaming, but unfortunately, we are not immune to interruptions in Internet service in our area.  Whenever one occurs, I am reminded of simpler days listening to FM radio, and would like to have that capability again.  Are there FM receivers that would feed a digital stream into a DAC?   Or would they be analogue feeding directly into my amp via XLR cables?   Any suggestions would be appreciated.   
a second for Mac and Tandberg and a very good antenna. I have a 1965 Mac MX-110Z and it does well on Magnum SS whip mounted high
I have a 6' yagi antenna on my roof with a rotator. It was professionally installed. Pick the antenna first, then get a tuner next. The most expensive tuner in the world cannot make up for an indoor or cheap 'amplified' antenna.
FM Tuner Shootout (scroll to bottom to see final rankings):
Many would say that the Accuphase T-1100 is the best new FM tuner today.  
Here’s my take on FM
when I rented cars that had digital FM head units and I drive in/out of normal/digital reception the difference is very evident.  There’s a huge diff in sound clarity.
i don’t know if newer home receivers have the same differences.

i just mounted a 360degree FM antenna in my attic, cost was around $35.  connected my Sansui 9090db and now get4.5 out of 5 signal strength with crystal clear reception across the dial. Absolutely nothing lacking about it.
by chance connected my smart TVand now getting around 50 hidef channels too.

personally I would not get a stand alone receiver, not when there are so many really good classic receivers available.