Can anyone tell me about VERITY AUDIO PARSIFAL

I have an opportunity to buy VERITY AUDIO PARSIFAL but not sure what the folks on the ground think about them or what to look out for since their pretty old. The reviews seems to be good, but compared to speakers now days, not sure if $6K is money well spent. Can someone help me with pros and cons compared to buying maybe another another brand for $6K?
I enjoyed my Parsifal’s quite a bit. They are one of the best speakers I have owned. For my taste, better than Avalon or Kharma. But I came here to stress that they are not tube friendly. YMMV.....Perhaps other Verity models, but not the 89 db, 4 ohm Parsifal’s.
Hello fjn04 - hopefully I am not jumping on the OP's thread as this may actually help him with his question as well. Can you please elaborate on why you liked the Verity over the Avalon's and Kharma's ? 
Yes, please do elaborate specifically on the Kharma’s.      

Also, interested on what ss amp is best to pair them with..