Can anyone tell me where the progress in audio went?




Oh, ya......that’s why LP and analog tape sell prices are through the roof these days? However, I enjoy the convenience and sound quality of  my digital gear as well when is done right.


Here's (see link) a YT video of a FC setup that sounds fantastic.

I do find some YT videos useful (especially when I'm familiar with the speakers being played).



@tannoy56  Most records are sold to hipsters who long for the simpleness of a past generation. As a portion of total music record and tape sales are minuscule.  Most audiophiles not lost in the last century know digital is superior, but often still have good analog rigs (I do) because it allows them to access masterings they would not otherwise be able to. They are under no illusions it is superior.  I find it funny that people who claim the superiority of vinyl keep trying to get their rigs to sound more and more like digital :-)


@dekay , that sounds better than the 1/2 million dollar system someone else keeps posting videos for on Youtube :-)


I am not familiar with those speakers. I see light coming from the back. Are they open back?

It went that way ====>    


making room for even more progress <================