Can anyone tell me where the progress in audio went?




I have one question for you. Which Carver SS amplifier is sounding better than his own tube amplifiers? In fact, until few years back, Carver was selling mostly tube amplifiers. In addition, Carver himself considers the Citation I, tube preamplifier as the very best ever made.  Is he wright? You tell me...




I truly enjoyed watching and listening to you posted video and I like it as well. Thank you.

@tannoy56 ,


I expect that over the years, Carver has sold far more SS amplifiers than tube amplifiers. Carver as a company (considering it has been many) had by far its best commercial success in the 80's into 90's with SS amplifiers, the M series and Sunfire series. Did you know he sued Stereophile claiming bias ... essentially claiming it was bad for their business that he was competing with super expensive products on the cheap.


Supposedly the M1.0t sounds exceptionally close to a Conrad Johnson Premier Four.


However, to the point of my last post, tube amps don't sound better than SS, and often the latter is true too. With SS, the speaker and room is a system. With tubes, it is more accurate that the speakers, room and amp is a system. As a system, the sound is the total, not just one piece. I don't think you will find many saying tubes are the best compliment to big panel speakers.



Yes, Carver sold more SS gear than VT. The reason being is that he, Carver found a niche in the market for mid hi-fi equipment at very affordable prices.

On your second point: Do you really believe that Carver Silver 7t SS mono block amplifier will driver your big panel speakers and sound better than the Silver 7 tube mono amps?  Not that I like either of them.