Can center speaker glare affect picture contrast?

There is no matching center for my front speakers (Sony AR-1s). My dealer has recommended a dynaudio confidence center channel as a neutral center channel that while not perfect, would match well and integrate with my fronts. I wanted to get the upgrade black piano lacquer finish to match the AR1s as close as possible. My dealer said that I might want to consider black ash because the glare from the lacquer finish might reflect and decrease the picture contrast on my screen (JVC D-ILA 1 projector and Stewart 100in screen). Top of Center channel will sit maybe 3-6 inch below bottom of screen. Want to know this is something I should take seriously or not. Thanks.
I have about the same clearance above my center channel. (119 in Da-Lite, and Sony PJ) I use a gloss black center. I really don't think it's an issue. When you dial in the PJ, to fit the screen, there really shouldn't be any direct light from it hitting the top of the speaker. What you do see on it is reflecting back off the screen, towards you, which shouldn't effect your picture.
It wont be an issue, even if it was place black velvet cloth on top so you get both look you want and a cure for a doubtful issue.