Can David beat Goliath ?

I'm using Siltech Forbes Lake ic between DAC and amp.

I was wondering what 'little' (= cheap or unknown or underrated) cable could beat this big (and expensive) guy ?

Rest of my system =

-Kharma Ceramique 2.2
-Symphonic Line Kraftwerk (ss int amp)
-Metronome digital gear
-Transrotor Leonardo/ZYX Fuji
-Nirvana SL speakercable

Thanks !

i had used the siltech compass lake between dac and preamp, and switched to the indra, which is not cheap ,but cheaper and better then the siltech.
gary, ihad the siltechs g6 ,and can tell you that the siltechs are way too overrated ,and certainly overpriced.
i found several cables out there recently that cost less and produce so much better sound.
I am still very surprised that many people say things like : this cable is better than this one.
It depends so much from the amplifier, preamplifier, sources, speakers and other cables that this could be said relatively only when you have compared hundred of sytems and cables...