Can Dynaco ST-70 Drive Polk Monitor 10?

I have an ST70 and looking to buy some Polk Monitor 10 for a good price. I think the polks are rated at 89db at 8ohms. Can the st70 drive them efficiently?
I'm pretty sure that you should be fine. I've used ST-70's to drive speakers anywhere from 85-93db efficient. I will say that most of the less efficient speakers I've used were simple 2-way loads, so it's possible that the 3-way/4-driver load of the Polks won't agree with the ST-70, but I think that's unlikely.
I don't think there will be a problem driving the speakers, but....

While the Polk was a great value in its day (IIRC - and it's been a long while), it always struck me as just a bit soft in the bass. Similarly, the ST-70, while a really great amp in many ways, is not the last word in bottom end grip. So....while this might not be a match made in heaven, I'd still think it would be kinda cool.