Can flexible power cables sound good?

Just borrowed some hefty power cables from my locale dealer. The shop is closed because of Covid-19 so he borrowed me some very nice cables and a PS Audio Power Plant P20 to play with.
The PS PC P12 is simple not bendable and the same goes for many of the other cables.
That's a real problem for me. I don't have the space to move my rack out and rearrange all my equipment and electrical sockets to make room for such hefty cables.  

So are there really good power cables that are also flexible?
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I don’t think this is a ridiculous question.  When I replaced the stock power cords that came with my Parasound equipment with Silnote cords, I had to move my equipment out from the wall a couple more inches to accommodate them.  If OP cannot do that, then there are the suggestions noted above.  I thought about getting angled adapters, but I figured the fewer connections the better.  
My Furutech cords are relatively flexible and sound good. I am at a point in my life that I have no time for equipment, or cables, that are a struggle to deal with. No more super thick inflexible cables for me again ever.
No, absolutely not. The best power cords are absolutely inflexible. Some can only be bent on hydraulic press- they're THAT GOOD!

Seriously. In case you haven't noticed the most flexible are the freebie rubber power cords that come with everything. They are also the worst sounding. Therefore the more inflexible the better the sound. It's the Third Law of Audio. The First Law of Audio is the coolest looking speaker sounds the best. You are probably thinking now he's gonna tell me the Second Law of Audio and fat chance, you're just gonna have to figure some of this out for yourself.
All of our cables are candidates for Viagra ;-)
Fourth law:  If your gear doesn't require upgrades every 6 months, it doesn't qualify as high-end.

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