Can I get more out of my Koetsu ?

Hi Team, 
This might be one of my only discussions on here so pls take it easy on me🙏.

My current dilemma is, as the title suggests, I don't know if I am doing one of my carts (Koetsu Rosewood Standard) justice. 

Current setup is:
Koetsu > Yamamoto HS-5 headshell 18.4g > Technics 1200GR standard arm W-achromat > EAR MC4 > EAR Phonobox Classic > Leben 600x > Devore Fidelity 096;

The MC4 SUT is a new addition and it is all sounding pretty magical to me right now. Previously I was using the SUT in the phono stage. 

I know the Koetsu is meant to be on a high mass arm and that is why I added the HS-5 head shell. It is heavy and brings the resonance calculation to acceptable range. I do have to add the added counter weight for the technics arm but with it everything tracks perfectly. 

My other cart is a Hana ML low output MC cart. I like that one too but it only requires a medium mass arm which the Technics is so theoretically a better match.

The Koetsu already sounds magical and better than the Hana to my taste but how do I know if It could be sounding even better?

The way I see it:

  1. somehow hack a high mass arm onto the technics (don't think this would be easy and maybe not recommended) 
  2. Upgrade to technics 1200g (better arm but still not high mass. actually think its less mass than the GR)
  3. Start a new journey with another table with high mass arm (possible but $$$) 
  4. Just be happy with what I got and buy more records 😃

Strategy advice on how to navigate this problem and if new turntable is the answer some suggestions on how to approach that. 

I am not fussy about audio equipment that looks like it can take me to the moon. I am more into older style equipment that just sounds lush, magical and gives me technicolor dreams. 

Thanks in advance!!!


@jasonbourne52 totally. Sometimes I have to make myself get off my ass and go help another human with their problems just to stop my worrying about my own irrelevant crap.  😂

@jasonbourne52 has a good point… but I would side wth @lewm on this lash out on the line of reasoning using that 5c investment to get a datapoint.

Or push it to a quarter in Anton Segur fashion…

In addition to the Little Loco, Sutherland offers a less expensive TZ Vibe full phono option as well as the SUTZ to replace your EAR MC4 allowing for Koetsu current gain into your EAR Phonobox Classic 👍

Twisted-pair phono cables over coax recommended for lowest inductance and max current.

The SoundSmith EZ mount cartridge screws are a great way to listen to how changing the effective mass of your arm changes the sound of the cartridge/arm combo.

@kdogsy , I think most of us that have gone that route prefer it. It works only with very low impedance cartridges which most of the best cartridges are. I would be very surprised if the Little Loco or the big Loco did not make a significant improvement over what you are doing. Another option is the Channel D Lino C. The benefit of the Lino C is that it has a flat output. No RIAA correction. This allows you to use digital RIAA correction and with Channel D's Pure Vinyl program you can record records to Hi Res digital files, 24/192. This allows you to raid your friend's record collection and record any special stuff they have.