Can I "double-wire" speakers?

Hey all,

My Triangle Titus 202's are set-up for bi-wiring. Can I "double-wire" them, with one set going to an Onkyo processor/receiver and the other going to a Sophia Electric?

My apologies if this is a no-brainer question, but that often happens with me...
I have biamped with unlike amps and with several different combinations. I did by chance hit one combo that sounded quite good with a slightly more powerful amp on the bass end. Too much power on the low end is---too much power on the low end--not sucessful. If you have the amps and have the cable, it's just fun to try it.
"I agree with Unsound. Not only is it unlikely both amplifiers would have the same gain, but they will also have different characters and this will occur at the crossover point. Speaker manufacturers make every effort to develop a seamless crossover. Why mess it up?"

How is the crossover point messed up with passive biamping?

Simao: As long as you're careful, there's no reason you shouldn't play. It's fun to experiment. You have adjustable gain (re: Unsound's objection) anyway. You'll probably learn a lot in the process. However, I do agree with Sandstone that your mids will likely miss the Sophia. Maybe just incorporate the Velodyne with your Sophia and Triangles, and remove the Onkyo?
The Sophia is billed as a pure amplifier, though it does have a volume control. However, it only has one set of inputs. SO I guess it's integrated inasmuch as it has an attenuator, but that's the only integrated feature it has. It has no pre-out or sub connection (though I can't think of a tube-powered integrated that does, though they must be out there).

All of this will be settled in the next few days. I love this forum - so many helpful people and opinions!