Can I Trust The Music Room's Product Description?

I few weeks ago, I bought a used Chord Hugo 2 headphone amp/DAC from The Music Room, a vendor I had grown to trust after a few successful new-item purchases. This time, I’m not so sure if I can trust the company or not. In their product description, The Music Room had advertised the Hugo 2 as being a year old. When it arrived, from the serial number, I discerned that it had been made in 2020, 3 years back. I called my salesperson at The Music Room and he was surprised he had sold me an older model. I guess it could have been manufactured in 2020 and not sold till 2022, so it would then be a year old in a sense.I asked the salesperson, "If the Hugo 2 is really a year old, isn’t the warranty still active? Can I get it assigned to me?" The salesperson said he’d look into it and get back to me. Weeks have gone by with no resolution. I don’t think I will ever get a warranty, and figure it probably expired with age after 3 years. My questions: Does The Music Room just put things up for sale without requiring any proof of age? Do they not inquire about transferring a warranty to the next buyer? Is this the best way they can do business?


Also have a few transactions with TMR. All smooth, but did have a slight problem with new speakers (one of their authorized brands so it was new stock) recently. When I informed them of the issue they immediately sent me pre-paid shipping labels, put my speakers on their test bench the day after they received them, fixed the minor issue and sent them back that day with 2-day shipping for a Sunday delivery. They were professional and courteous at every step of the transaction. I’ll definitely do business with them again. Just me experience. 

I have done business with TMRon 3 occasions and one of the transaction involved a trade in of my amp. All transactions went perfectly from start to finish. When I purchased a used Conrad Johnson amp from them, it looked brand new even though it was used. Great company, highly recommended.

I’ve had a great experience with TMR.  I’ve sold a few items and purchased a few items and they are very good to deal with.  Probably worth reaching out and explaining your issue.  From my experience they are very responsive

I’ve had great experiences with TMR...multiple purchases and a few seamless returns after the trial period.