Can (or should) you “Reclock” a Bluesound Node?

I have one going into a pretty darn good system.

I know this could start a jitter discussion, but is there any SQ benefit in connecting the Node to a reclocking device like Wyred4Sound or Denafrips then to your outboard DAC?

the goal being to reduce jitters and feed the DAC with a purer digital signal?

I know they range from $200 to $4,000.
have always wondered if a “digital transport” feeding a dac would add value.

sure, I’m gonna listen me self, but thought to ask you guys,

Not sure how a 'reclocker' works but I have just added an 'external' very high quality clock to my digital system.  This does not 'reclock' the signal, but presents an external timing reference to the component.  The component was a dCS Network Bridge.  

The impact was magic.   

The bigger 'magic' (by orders of magnitude) was upgrading the clock cable from the basic one that was supplied - this is not necessarily expensive.   Caelin Gabriel (owner Shunyata) advises the jitter removal from this action is what brings digital into analog territory. I can only agree.

Best wishes

*g*  I can't wait until y'all start water-cooling the chips.....;)

...but I'm obviously teasing....maybe....
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@audiotroy  unfortunately, Bluesound still haven't released the firmware update to activate the USB on the latest Node for digital out. Apparently its slated for around the end of this year.

Us users are stuck with SPDIF at the moment 🥴