Can Piega P10's Be Placed Up Against The Wall?

I have a large, difficult room (20x22x20) with no options for speaker placement. The media wall also serves as a walk-way to another room, so pulling them out is not an option. I've heard the P10's have good bass & I need a speaker that can pressurize a room. Amplification is Classe CA-401. Can I get away with putting the Piega P10's up against the wall?
Hi, I have a pair of P10s. The owners manual states they need to be at least 51" or 53" (I'd have to look to be sure) from the corners. I don't believe the says anything about the back walls. The the front of mine are approx. 60" from the back wall. The depth of sound stage is incredible and the bass is good. The bass would be better (probably) closer to the walls. It's a trade off for sound stage. For you to put them against the wall IMO would "over do" the bass and not allow these wonderful speakers to image, etc. correctly. It might be worth doing whatever you need to do to move them in and out with your listening times!?
Most any quality speaker will NOT perform well against a wall. Might as well go the "Bose" route if this is your only option. I suggest a different room for you listening pleasure.

I do not know of any speaker that does better against the rear wall. Sure you can place them there, but why spend that kind of money for killer speakers if you're starting off behind the eightball? IMHO...warren :-)
I agree with the two previous posts; a corollary might be that the better the speaker, the better the soundstage, imaging and depth you can get out of it by placing it away from boundaries. And since they are designed to be away from walls, the bass from the P10s would probably be overwhelming when close to a wall.