Can SME 309 mount on Scout 'table?

I am considering putting an SME 309 on my Scout. I'm sure this has probably been done, any information would be much appreciated. Input on how much of an improvement this would make on the JMW 9 Signature would help also.

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I am a VPI dealer and use to be an SME dealer and have used the Scout and used a 309 [not on the Scout]. It would not be that easy to mount a 309 on a Scout because of having to drill out a SME type hole in the top of the table. I would say two things about doing this; first, the VPI arm is at least as good an arm as the Scout is as a table; they are a good package. I would use the money to upgrade the table if I wanted better performance. If I was set on changing the arm I would use something like the Rega 1000 which would be much easier to fit and which I would get in preference to the 309. If you already have a 309 get a better table to mount it on. The Scout can be brought up to a high standard by it is not easy or cheap; you have to look for the now discontinued Superplatter or equivalent for example.
Thanks Stanwal and Stanley. You are probably right about the table, Stanwal. I have done a few things to better the performance of the Scout, but not with the overpriced offerings of VPI.

I have decided against the change, as I have two armwands for the Scout, so it wouldn't really make sense to do it. Curiosity got the best of me, and the availability of a reasonably priced 309. I'll just hang with my Scout Signature, which can sound remarkably good on superior recordings.

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