Can some of you take a quick listen to something... is there too much low end?

Hi all :)

Here is a :52 snippet of a piece of music I wrote and produced:


They are both identical, save for the 2nd being 44.1k, in case anyone wishes to rip it to a CD

Listening on basic computer speakers will not yield any useful info.

I was hopeful that I could get some feeedback as to wether or not the sound has too much low end. And I know many of you have excellent systems, and some of you great rooms. A yes or no would be really helpful - thanks so much!


Don't sound identical to me. Second one 44 is a bit warmer, fuller, with more weight and authority. Not a lot but it's there.

As to the amount of low end, sounds fine to me but hello? This is all synth, ie entirely up to you, any amount can be fine. 


Thanks for checking. It’s not all synth, but there is some, and yes, it’s supposed to be low-end heavy; just wondering if it’s a bit too much. All subjective tho, yes.


And the files, save for the b.depth and s.rate, are in fact identical. They were made from the same file. I know - I am the one who made them.

Thx again.