Can someone describe the sound of KEF IQ30's ?

I'm really low on cash...but my Polks are really beginning to irritate me. The B&W 685's or NHT Classic 3's wre high on my list until I was unemployed. Now the price level of the KEF iQ30's seems attractive ($450/pr). Not many reviews. I want to buy NEW speakers not used. The Polk rti28's are really sounding harsh. Maybe my ears have changed. Opinions please on the KEF's
I am only hesitant because I have reservations about how others may have driven the speakers. I'm not saying goners would sell me junk....I have my extra Polks for sale here on Audiogon. The speakers sound fine under most normal playing conditions. When I play a low volume test tone CD, I get drastic static at only certain frequencies. I play the same CD on my main set, no static.
as you own a damaged? pair now i can see why this would be on your mind. the noise you describe leads me to think you may have fried these. is it in both spkrs? nht is closing shop so you could get a great deal now ... . fwiw, people here seam to be older and they tend to baby their $$$ spkrs because they have vision to see they will need to resell to another 'hi ender'. which is why mid fi spkrs are subject to wear and tear from younger rock and roll blasters over driving amps etc. happy hunting!
I'm also looking at the NHT Classic 3's. Some retailers are already marking down the prices.