What is ad copy like this supposed to mean?
"These speakers were bought brand new from authorized (speaker name) l vendor alittle over a year ago. They were opened for inspection and tested for performance. They have less than 2 minutes of usage and they are flawless."

the speakers are being sold at almost 50% less than retail. Why would someone buy speakers then "test them" for two minutes, then sell them a year later? What is a potential buyer supposed to think?
Yeah, John is right. The same thing happens with photo equipment such as expensive lenses. Dealers will open the box,and therefore cannot advertise as new, but your buying a otherwise new lens at a significant discount. You save, and the dealer still profits over his cost paid.
This is also a method of selling "gray market" equipment. That is, directly imported audio equipment which bypasses the authorized USA importer/distributor/retailer network. This method will usually violate any manufacturers warranty. Checking the serial numbers with the distributor or manufacturer will clarify whether the speakers were actually purchased from an authorized vendor. Most buyers don't bother to check because the "deal" could evaporate.
I have two amps right now that I bought two years ago. I opened them up to check that they worked properly. I then boxed them up immediately as I was in the process of moving to a new house. I'm in the new house now, have been here for two years, and I still haven't used these two amps. If I were to sell them, my ad would be just as the one you stated in the post and it would be absolutely true. If a potential purchaser was suspicious and chose not to believe me, then all that would happen is that they would lose out on a good deal.
People like myself sometimes have more dollars than sense. This happens all the time and you should take advantage of it as you will get a great pair of speakers. What a country!
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