Can Someone Help the Idiot Out?

I'm going braindead, I swear. I'm plugging in new cables to my amp, and I can't remember: are the left and right speakers determined by looking at them, or looking from behind them? (I hope that makes sense, because I'd like to hear some sound out of my system soon.) :?
How one determines which is left is you hold both hands in front of you---now drop your thums down to the horizontal. Your left hand is now an L---I'll send pics.
There should be an "R" or an "L" somewhere in the monos. If not check the manuals. Sometimes manufacturers are so clumsy they overlook main issues like this!
Taking another perspective, maybe t you have to go with the serial numbers i.e. even numbers should go right side and uneven left...hmmm, Was it the other way around? I can not tell wich way is "right"!!! Good grief!!!
If you voted for Kerry, the left speaker will be the one that sounds like it is outside but looking in.

could you send me some pics also. also, does anyone know how to tell my feet apart?

aloha keith