Can someone suggest a lush tube integrated under $3000 used

My main system it’s solid state preamp and amp. I’ll through in a tube preamp on occasions. Somedays I just miss the lush involving syrupy tube sound with small jazz and blues recordings. I know highs may be rolled off,  not a lot of slam but can be so involving you lose track of time. This amp will be matched with some Joseph Audio first gen Pulsar, LSA 2 statement tower with ribbon tweeter and some Tiny Dancers. 

I’ve heard good things of the Cary, Ayon, maybe an old Conrad Johnson cav 50, I just don’t have much experience with integrated amps. My speakers aren’t the most efficient. 


I always end up getting bored of Lush sounding gear, at first its all sweet and dandy.

true if the sound is lush without resolving power, but there are (usually higher end) excellent sounding options that provides both

I would agree on the CJ Cav models. I used a 45 for awhile and it was quite nice with the same kind of music you reference on my 2nd set of speakers, Kef R3s. It was not as good on my primary Ohm Walsh 2s which are more demanding. Still do think about going to separates from CJ...just not in my retiree price range new and I prefer new due to warranty.

Under 3 Grand, the Fezz Audio Silver Luna hands down . Can"t go wrong with this one

Many 300B amps would do the trick.

Icon Audio Stereo 300 MKII (300B) which I own is exactly what you are looking for but might be a long time before you see one under $3k. Maybe under $4k used if you are lucky.

It replaces Willsenton R300 which is also very lush but just not as resolving but still really good sounding. New $1.5k used maybe $1k.

Muzishare X9 which I also own 300B but more hifi than lush so not a good fit for what you are looking for but for someone else wanting liner sound then yes. Those are around $2k used.

Willsenton R8 I owned a few years ago. I would have to disagree a little that it is lush. More like bassy. IMHO.