Can speakers be both "big" and "accurate" ?

I've got a small dilemma on my hands and I think I need some outside influence. I've been upgrading my old college stuff (you don't wanna know), and now have a Sonic Frontiers Line1, Bryston 4BST, Rega Planar25, etc, etc. Don't want to get into a discussion about interconnects, please. I've got a 14'x18' room, firing down the long end, and am in the market for speakers. I have auditioned various different types and brands of speakers- I'm not hung up on a name as long as it works with my Line1 & 4BST. In all of my attempts, I haven't yet heard a set of speakers that can do "BIG", as in "fill-the-room-with-sound-big" (or "stupid-loud", as I've sometimes heard it described), while AT THE SAME TIME be "accurate", "detailed", etc, etc, like a mini-monitor. I've got a set of B&W CDM1-NT's in another system, and while I like their clean, accurate sound in that smaller space, they just don't do it for me in the main system. I'm thinking larger floor standers to get the "big" sound thing, but I also want the details and "there" there when I listen to accoustic jazz. Are these two things mutually exclusive, and if not, suggestions? I'm budgeting around $3k. Is this realistic? I really appreciate your time reading this! Thanks!
Shahinian Acoustics loudspeakers meet your requirements. In fact, they will exceed your greatest expectations.
Inner Sound should do great in your room. These are Electrostatic speakers. Detailed, transparent, good dynamics and should play loud enough with no problem filling your room with music. They have built in amps for the bass. i can't remember the power on the Bryston 4b. I think it is 200 watts? With the newer models out, you should be able to find a pair close to your price range. I can't think of a better speaker for $3000 unless you have no interest in an ESL.
Try a pair of Soliloquy 6.5s.They have a small foot print,very efficient,have extreme dynamics and solid bass down to 23hz.They are also extremely accurate.If these can't feel the room with sound nothing will.They are about 55 inches tall and weigh 130 pounds a piece.The front baffel is narrow for better imaging,I think only about 9 inches wide .Good luck
Obviously! The real question is quite the reverse: can small speakers be both "small" and "accurate".