Can’t buy output tubes anywhere except from manufacturers at high prices.

I have given some thought about going the tube route for amplification but it sounds  like a risky move. None of usual online stores: Tube Store, Tube Depot or Upscale Audio have any output tube available. Are things that bad? 


Especially KT types and 6550s. Their prices if you can find them have skyrocketed. 


here's what Viva Tubes has to say about supply:

Tube Shortage Update - Scarce & In-Stock

As time goes on, some areas are improving while others are worsening. We expect things to stay the same for the foreseeable future. As it stands now, there is typically enough supply to keep the world's amplifiers humming. Choices amongst brands and sub-types will remain touch-and-go but there is no reason to panic. 

Scarce as of March 2023: KT88, KT66, KT77, 6550, 6L6GC, KT120, KT50, KT170, 300B, 2A3, 6L6G, 12AY7, 12DW7 & certain brands of 12AX7.

You may notice that many of these are unavailable on platforms such as Amazon and also from tube vendors as well.

We are well-stocked on all of these types aside from KT120 & KT150. 

See our new Scarce & In-Stock category. 

These are available and are excellent sounding EL34's:

Sounds like maybe I should plan to sell a bunch of KT88 Gold Lions I haven't used in year.

Yes when many output tubes are made in the USSR .

wuhan you can buy tubes on line ebay .  If your tube type is that scarce then maybe look to buy a nice class A amplifier like a Pass Labs , and a nice tube preamp you would be pretty happy .

Here are two reputable tube suppliers that I have used, and have terrific reputations:

Viva Tubes

Brent Jesse