Can't decide, need your toughts?

Can't decide between a Mark Levinson 390S directly into Bryston 4B-SST or Classé CD-P10 into Mark Levinson 383?

Any advice? Thanks in advance and Happy Thanksgiving.
I run the 390S into my 4BSST (when I am not running it into the Spectral first; or into the Atma-Sphere M60). It sounds either polite (if running the Bryston stock XLR cable) to highly detailed and dynamic if using the Goertz Silver Purl.

When I don't need switching, as now, I just run the 390S in direct. I used to accuse the 390S of being a little boring but it turned out that I was feeding the amp the wrong cable. At any rate, straight into the Bryston via Goertz Silver is an amazing experience. (Unless your speaker is bright or hard...then its an awful experience.)
Ya, widen your horizons and try more stuff than the things you mentioned. Then pick what you want, not what somebody tells you is good.
Happy Turkey day back at ya'......which reminds me, stay out of Malls while you're looking. Now that Thangsgiving is over, beware of relentless Christmas music - everywhere!! It could ruin your desire for music!!