Can’t demo, better preamp, T+A P 3100 or NAIM NAC332/NPX300

I am ready to get an end game level preamp. I’ve narrowed it down to two models based on reliability, after sales support and sound quality.


Thats the T+A P 3100 HV and NAIM NAC332 / NPX 300 two box preamp combo.

Both are similar prices in my country.

Any thoughts on both or either ? They will have to be neutral or neutral / warm to match my Chord DAVE/ Active ATC speakers.


Many thanks.


Probably not helpful but my general impression is that T+A HV line sonically punches above their price point based upon their integrated amp reviews.

I own the T+A PA 3100 HV - their integrated amplifier (and their DAC 200). So, I am clearly biased and you should take my comments as such.

There is a reason I own this brand. I upgraded from their R series integrated (very nice sounding itself).

I evaluated many others and sonically preferred the T+A. I found it smoother, ever so slightly warm of neutral, and resolving without being clinical. Build quality is very high, and the company has been successful and growing for decades. I understand they have about 100 engineers (12 with PhDs on their team). This is not a fragile company like so many are.

I can’t speak to Naim as I haven’t experienced that brand at this level. 
I have to believe the preamp you’re considering is a step above what is in my unit.

Do be aware the HV units are quite heavy. 

Good luck and let us know what you decide.