Can’t find my product in blue book value listing

I am looking for the blue book value of my Primaluna Dialogue Premium Integrated amplifier in the “blue book value” listing.

The list of Primaluna products is quite extensive, but does not include the above mentioned product specifically.

Any help is appreciated.


As per @bigtwin heres a link to the hifishark page for your amp. This will give you all amps like yours currently for sale globally. Also very valuable is near the top left you can switch from “for sale” to “sold/expired” and you can see where past listing that’ve already sold were priced for more points of reference — all very useful tools.

A word about blue book values — they’re mostly worthless, and this holds true for the car market too. THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to see what an audio component (or car) is really worth is to see what it’s recently sold for because it reflects the real-world market value in close to real time. Blue books are a poor approximation of that at best, and with the amount of info we have available today I’d go so far as to call them useless and likely even misleading. FWIW.

HiFi Shark is such a wonderful website. Not only is it helpful for a buyer, but also for a seller in determining an amount to list their component. I also appreciate how you can be notified of new listings for components you’re interested in as a future buyer.