Can't Find Offer

I came across some cables in the marketplace here and made an offer on them. Only about 10% less than asking price. I then went to my Marketplace/Buying to double check, and it says I have not placed an offer on any listing. I rechecked a couple of hours later and still couldn't find the offer.

I went back to the listing and put the offer in again, just in case I had missed something. Still no sign of an offer anywhere. I know there is an automatic rejection of low ball offers. And some sellers don't want offers. But wouldn't I then get some notification, instead of letting me go through all the steps?


Here’s a sure way to get something you want…check the Blue Book price and if they want something close to it just pay it.  So many cheapskates out there, until they’re selling something!

Ron, send the seller a message stating that you made an offer. Then you'll know you made contact. If he ignores you, then maybe the offer is too low and being rejected.

An offer 10% under asking price sounds reasonable to me too. This ad said the cables are 35% off list price. So I took 35% off their suggested list price, and that was my offer that was rejected.

 Maybe I will message them to see if they are taking any offers. I guess when I see the Offer button, I assume the seller is.