Can't we all just get along?

I have not been a member for a very long time, and joined Agon to discuss audio with others in my hobby. Seems to me that almost every post devolves into a hijacked  negative argument between a few members that seem to think it's their platform to preach their opinions to any who would listen, and any dissent to what they have to say is met with ridicule/insults, and just downright rudeness.

There will always be differences in opinion, BUT, we can be civilized in how we disagree.

There is already too much negativity in the world. Is it not possible to insulate that from our hobby in this forum, or is this what we have become? Hiding behind our keyboards and not having the courtesy to treat our fellow audio lovers with decency, open-mindedness, and RESPECT !

Southern France is gorgeous. My wife and I road tripped through Provence many years ago, before kids. We did a little climbing in the Verdon gorge and in the Calanques, by Cassis. What a glorious part of the planet.

I also like to ride pedal bikes (push bikes, for you Brits), however my rides are shorter, in the woods and involve dropping off of 5 meter ramps, clearing 3 meter gaps and other such nonsense. I think if I rode bikes like you, I could get my wife to join me, though it wouldn’t be the balm to my ADD that enduro style mountain biking is.

@geoffkait the German form of William is Wilhelm. Close..
I too have rode through Southern France, ah, but I'm far too lazy to pedal. I must have an engine in my bike!!! LOL I have also road the Canyon du Verdon on my Harley. What a glorious ride indeed.
Actually, I think a lot of the negativity comes from positivity ... the need to help your fellow man ........... avoid being ripped off or wasting hard-earned money that could be put to quantified enjoyment elsewhere. The other side is that the other side wants to share their joy. So in a way, the intentions of both sides of these arguments are positive. It's all how you look at it.
@jssmith Perhaps...definitely a "glass half full" way of looking at things. That may be what a whole lot of people need right now.😁