Can the top end of a PrimaLuna Evo integrated be tamed w/tube rolling?

This weekend I have a PrimaLuna Evo 3 as a house guest to compare with my Supernait 3 solid state integrated. Both are about the same price, basically tube vs solid state. I am a big fan of the Naim PRaT but I also find the depth and transparency of tubes very engaging. The Evo integrated on its own lacks the rhythm and pace of the Naim but it does have transparency and imaging in spades.

So the idea is maybe run an Evo 3 preamp instead along with a Naim 250 (or just use the amp section of the Supernait).

But one problem I cannot get over is that there is a very fatiguing high end to the Evo 3. Cymbals, snare drums, top edge of distorted guitars, etc are pretty harsh at any volume higher than background music. To compare, my vintage Luxman valve preamp into the SN3 does not have this quality (but it lacks the refinement of the PrimaLuna).

It would be ideal to do some tube rolling to get the best of all worlds... is there a tube selection that could work with the Evo preamp that would tame the harsher high end and smooth out the sound a little bit on top? Or is this just a part of the PrimaLuna signature?
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On my Prologue 2, I changed out all preamp tubes to JJ high performance gold pin. Tamed the high end nicely. Has a warm, rich sound.
Strange to hear Primalunas sound harsh in high end. They actually are known, especially the Evo line, for soft, warm highs.

I've had the exact opposite experience. I wanted more upper end detail.

You haven't burned in the amp and tubes enough yet ... you can tame that high end just by playing it for a week or so ...
Don't forget the ceiling for damping/diffusion

The 2 innermost 12au7's as you have found out, are the money slot.
If you decide on PL, check out Upscales page on different 12au7's. There are user reviews particularly with PL owners experiences.

I use the Brimars in my PL HP. 

I hope you find the following of interest. This may, in a way, be relevant to your situation.
After burning in my Prima Luna Evo 300 integrated for about 130 hours, out of curiosity, I decided to swap the factory EL34’s with some spare veteran Ruby KT-88’s I keep on hand for my vintage tube amps. Well, much to my delight, the music coming out of my Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage speakers is far more engaging- more dynamic, delineated, "airy" and much less recessed. I would not have suspected this dramatic improvement. I’m also going to try different input tubes as many have suggested. Best to all of you.