Can this be good first tube amplifier?

I found many people who had never used tube amplifier before but interested in trying it out for warm tube sound.

This one looks nice and appears to be good value.

After tube rolling input 12AT7 tubes, it may sound fine.

What is your opinion about it?

After I posted  looked at your eBay add, I think the 80 watt claim is wrong, more like 40 or 45 max, that's the  same amp I had with out gold and meter. They claimed 45 back then always thought they over rated it, I get twice or more the spl with 25 watt Scott than I did with yaqin

To be honest if I bought this tube amp and it was not wired correctly or had a counterfeit part which caused it to catch fire or worse catch my audio room aflame, I don’t know who I would contact in Hong Kong. At least if I bought from a dealer I knew, who had some idea of the history of the company, history of support or history of failure I could have some kind of assurance... I did buy a Line Magnetic Audio amp from a dealer (made in Taiwan) and I had that better warranty, which was honored. I guess if I lived in China, I might know more about history, reputation, failure and support.
Tube amp sound isn't all down to the tubes. Transformers play at least as large a role. And as with everything else not just the specs but the wire and even the way the wire is wound matters. Cheap tube amps tend to use stock transformers that measure a lot better than they sound. Also if you look inside the good stuff you will see quality connections, highly organized layout, and lots of great big name brand caps. That alone can tell you a lot about your amp.

With tubes, yes there are differences between brands but generally minor compared to differences between tubes. So if you really want to get some experience what you might want to do is look for an amp that can run on different tubes. My old Aronov for example could run on 6550's or KT88's.

Personally though I would skip the cheap stuff and focus on finding the one that draws you into the music, gets your foot tapping, skin tingling and eyes watering. But that's just me.
My first integrated tube amp was a Yaqin MC-30L, it never gave me reliability issues (had it for 4 years) except it was difficult to bias since I was a noob and there was no bias meter. I had to bring it to my technician every time I tube rolled the power tubes.

Sound is okay, warm and musical but not near the level of Line Magnetic and Cayin. Based on what I've heard my ranking is:
1. Line Magnetic
2. Cayin
3. Yaqin
I have been Audio SS and Many tubes amps, preamps.
a lot of junk under $1k from China as another member mentioned
parts quality sucks, even in a lot of US built companies I have owned from top 3-4 and myself knowing parts quality inside and out ,and allways modding Loudspeakers , even at$10 k I am shocked. I looked in side Macintoswhen I sold it in the UK 
resistors and caps $5 - red wima capacitors on a $6k amp. 
The worst RO Lamm inside a lot of average parts ,because of his great engineering skills he can bypass caps quality in specific areas . This is why I say buy a high quality Used speaker, or
equipment and have top quality Bigname caps Jupiter , Duelund 
Vh Audio ,Mundorf , Rike, Vishay nakedresistors ,Caddock.
and a bunch of others , I see a Solen $12 caps in $15k+ speakers.
i bought a ML stat evolution speaker2 years ago , Solen and nothing special .i replaced caps,and sold it ,even their $80k 
speaker ,not even a Mundorf Supreme. Capacitors the cheaper white evo silver oil , which are not that great . They didnot like it 
theowner of Harbeth hung up on me. He uses caps from Taiwan 
i told him you build a quality product. Why not use U.K Clarity 
capacitors and quality 1% resistors , his ego could not handle it 
this is how Dan Modwright made it . He hired top engineers and
takes products with good potential and puts premium power supplies, transformers, wiring and parts.
with tubes by far the worst sin , and90% do it cheap tube sockets 
I had a US made integrated $150 tube sockets that have horse 
like bent paper clips for contacts and the pins not tight in the socket . I replaced them with teflon Gold overCopper sockets 
the tube store in Canada , as good or better then Yamamoto 
for $20 each , thedifference in sound quality , same tubes was 
like a great vintage tube vs a average tube of today. Aprofound difference . Try also Stabilant -22  Contact enhancer ,after cleaning contacts with high purity Isopropyl alcohol. I am just stating the facts. I owned a Audio store as well as Audiophile for 35+ years 
I now build and look for value in all modsfor myself and others .
ruleof thumb I Only use Quality  products throughout !!