Can we go back to 33's please?

Yes, I know we have a million records cut at 33.3, but now, I guess in an attempt to have a "super premium" image, some lables are cutting reissues at 45 rpm. I know Levinson did it way back - I have those and they sound great. The only thing is, I have many 33s that also sound great. I really don't feel like hassling with cleaning and storing 2 discs for each album and getting up every 10 minutes to change sides. I really think equal or at least almost equal quality can be achieved on 33. Listen to anything on Stockfisch, Opus3, Tacet, Naim. They do a great job with it. Not to mention many older RCA Red Seals and such. Is there anyone here who believes that 45 has the magic 33 lacks - all things equal?

Maybe it's my system - Linn, Rega RB700, Argo, is not capable of ferreting out the nuances of some other tables? Perhaps you folks with Caliburns believe 45s are the way to go? If not - tell the record companies and they might listen. I don't want to get up every 10 minutes. Sorry.
Another factor is that some of us own turntables like the Linn LP 12 powered by a Naim Armageddon, which is not 45-capable. The new Impulse remasters seem to be at 45 only, which leaves us out of it.
LP = Long Play. I never had an awesome TT like you guys do but I used to buy roughly half of my music as 12" 45 RPM in the old days. Some of the best sound I EVER heard was from these 45 RPM's (perhaps I am being nostalgic). Part of the benefit is that a 12" single 45 is INTENDED to be played back on an awesome Dance Club system costing many tens of thousands of dollars more than average Joe at home, and more importantly, this soudn is never intended to be heard in a car (where most music is heard these days). This is partly why the sound quality was so good.

There is plenty of dynamic range in a dance club at 105 db SPL because there is little to no masking problem and the amplifiers and speakers can actually handle a large dynamic range without distorting. A lot of stuff mixed to sound good on radio anticpates that it needs to sound good in a car where you get terrible masking from background noise....not as bad as listening to music in the shower but nevertheless a compressed crap sound will be more audible in your car than a high quality recording.

Recently, I have confirmed that the "production and target market" does indeed mean that recording quality is very different. I have found that 12" singles made for dance clubs also sound much better on CD (where in theory there is absolutely no dynamic range advantage over the regaulr album CD like you get with a Vinyl 45 RPM versus the compressed LP, Long Play)
We've had, and will continue to have, a lot of 33rpm reissues: Speakers Corner, Classic Records, Analogue Productions, Pure Pleasure... All have done and will be doing 33rpm reissues. The 45rpm reissues are a special treasure. For most of us, these will be the best sonics in which we will ever be able to hear these recordings. I only wish we could have more classical music issued at 45 rpm with the same care as Music Matters is devoting to the Blue Note 45rpm reissue series. May they continue!
Birdies - I changed from the Armageddon to the Lingo2, as there was just too much good music coming out on 45. That Linn adaptor is impossible.
Agree with Thomasheisig:The original RCAs sound better than the re-issues.Must be the original tube driven units-more natural/organic.Especially "Bob n Ray".
I believe the analogy between running reel-to-reel decks holds true for analog:The faster, the better.
I loved Harry Belafonte,but the 45 re-issue has a smoother response and better detailing.Just LOVE:Jamaican Farewell.