Can you give me your speaker suggestions?

Currently looking for new speakers as I have grown tired with mine, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions that you think would fit my needs!

I had a pair of heresy iii speakers and loved the sound from 600hz and up but felt pretty much everything below that was thin sounding with no weight. I built a bigger ported cabinet for the drivers and it made a decent improvement from say 40-90hz ish but I still needed a subwoofer. 100-400hz still sounded thin, drums lack that punch and impact and male vocals lack weight and presence. 

Basically I am looking for a speaker that gives you the "musicians are in the room" feeling that the heresy gives me but deliver more in the lower midrange/upper bass area. 

I listen to jazz, femal/male vocals, 70's rock, 80' pop etc.. across all genres the heresy is equally good and equally bad (no matter what genre it feels like the 100-400hz area is sucked out of the room).. speaking of the room im in a 15foot by 22 foot room (its an L shape, half way down the 22 foot wall extends another 22 feet about 550sqft total). not an ideal room but its the only place I have. 

I am using a prima luna prologue premium with 37ish watt/channel, I currently purchased a Pathos logos mk ii with 110wpc into 8, and immediately noticed my main area of concern sounded even thinner, the more powerful hybrid amp sounds less powerful, less meat on the bones if that makes sense. when I get new speakers, I will sell one of the amps. 

my current budget is around $4-6K USD, I would consider purchasing used, or even a diy kit. 

the sonetto V reviews seem to tell me they will fit my needs, does anyone have any thoughts? 

thank you in advanced!! 


I'd look at the Forte IV or CW IV--right up Klipsch's line.  

I'd bet the Forte IV would do the trick.  I actually think they have as much bass weight and meat on the low end as the CWIV because of the passive radiator in the  rear.  

Another option that I think would do it is the KLH Model 7.  It will be $4k a pair with stands.  I heard them at AXPONA and was amazed at what they could do.  I think they are in the league of the CWIV and maybe had a touch more finesse.  These will not hit the market until Q3 of this year per KLH's owner and engineer--who told me and others this at AXPONA. 

PS I own CWIVs

Volti Razz (as someone stated above) is a great recommendation too.  I adore Volta's sound in all of their offerings--ever.  Great loudspeakers. 



I am very familiar with the Klipsch Hersey and they really benefit from a subwoofer or two.  Look around for a used SVS SB2000 Pro or if you want more umph, the SVS PB2000 Pro. The software is good and allows you plenty of adjustments so it can blend in with your existing system.

All the best.

IMHO a strategy to consider...

Ideally you want a speaker that can capture as much of the frequency response as possible. The greater the frequency response the greater the sound stage.

For your budget that might be in the 36hz - 40Khz range. I would then look for a sub to capture the lower Frequencies, which would not only provide you with the bass response you are looking for, but would greatly enchance the soundstage and flesh out the details within the midrange. 

Once you have identified speakers within the appropriate range, listen to them to find the brand that meets your personal taste. 

good luck