Can you have too much speaker presence?

My dealer says I’d lose too much speaker presence if I went to a smaller speaker. I’m not posting the speaker in question solely because I don’t want this to become an attack on them. I get it, presence means there and in the area, but can too much become and issue, especially when it is centered in a specific frequency range? 



Is the dealer making his statement from a point of knowing the rest of your system?@baylinor mentioned his presence grew with his bigger speakers. I can attest that when I made a major DAC upgrade it was like my speakers were twice as large or they had a much larger presence in my room. Do maybe he is making his call on your system as a whole and no the speakers alone.

Yes, too much can be an issue, definitely. I keep mentioning them, but that’s OK because they are timeless classics: the Epi 100 are 21" tall and about 10x10 side and back. They are big enough to sound beautiful and full, and small enough to be super versatile and practical in real life.

Also, a big consideration for speakers is How do they sound off-axis, outside the sweet-spot...? If they’re only great in one particular seating position, then they’re not great for life. So as you audition, stand off to the side and see what happens. Smaller speakers can be remarkably great for off-axis, as their cabinetry can get out of the way.  @audioman58  +1 for that

Size matters.  Buy the biggest speaker your will (wife) will let you have.

Sensible advice. Just because you have a bigger speaker doesn't necessarily mean you have to drive it as hard as the smaller speaker. Both speakers at the same listening level would be an interesting comparison. I highly suspect the larger one would sound better.

At the same volume I can confirm that in my case the taller towers offered a more solid sound than the smaller ones, with more weight to it. Both really have the same kind of imaging, depth and soundstage but the smaller towers presented it on lighter footing even played at the same volume. Meaning the tall ones have more "presence" so I do understand what that salesman is talking about.