Can you have too much speaker presence?

My dealer says I’d lose too much speaker presence if I went to a smaller speaker. I’m not posting the speaker in question solely because I don’t want this to become an attack on them. I get it, presence means there and in the area, but can too much become and issue, especially when it is centered in a specific frequency range? 



For some reason the OP seems unwilling to share more details about his system or room, which frankly pisses me off and leaves us all spinning our wheels here largely for nothing.  Have fun guys — I’m out. 

My speakers are Focal Maestro EVO’s and room is 16/17 with a wide opening to the kitchen.

My bad I guess for not thinking to check the profile page.  Nice system, and best of luck in wherever you go from here.  I think I can see why you wanted to at least explore monitors possibly with a couple good subs?  Can’t the dealer lend you some stuff to demo at home?