Can you hear or tell difference?

I have 3 different streamers Cambridge Azur 851N bluesound node2i and Chromecast Audio
To stream tidal to my Preamp MICHI P5, anthem STR POWER AMP pair of SVS SB16 ULTRA  klipsch Epic CF4 and klipsch KLF 30
all the streamers are using digital out to P5 
streaming the music from tidal I can’t heard or tell any difference between those 3 is that normal? Since all 3 is using Michi P5 DAC thanks 
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Yes that is normal.  Being able to hear differences between them would be normal also.  There's no right or wrong with streamers or audio in general, only what you hear.  I think the DAC would have a bigger impact on sound quality, so I'm not surprised that the streamers sound the same through the same DAC.
I hear differences in many things including wires and power cords and conditioners but have heard less difference between streamers than perhaps any other component.

So we are in the same boat there it seems.
actually I prefer chromecast audio over there rest because of build in EQ to ajuste bass and treble 
"...Since all 3 is using Michi P5 DAC thanks" 

Yes, correct.  Normal, and expected in this case you outlined here.  

Each of the three streamers you listed are all connected with their COAX Out to the Coax IN on your Rotel Michi P5, correct?  The Michi P5 has it's own internal DAC (AKM premium 32-bit/768kHz Digital to Analog Converter). Effectively funneling the final digital output to/through the same Mich P5 DAC.  Are you re-using the exact same Digital COAX interconnect cable every time with all three streamers? If so, you can pretty much expect it to sound effectively the same regardless of which streamer you use on the front end, the DAC in your Michi P5 is taking precedence. Effectively outputting and hearing the same.   A decent DAC in the Rotel, would expect it to sound pretty good too.  Good Luck.     
Cambridge Azur 851N is using Audioquest Carbon coax Bluesound and chromecast is using normal optical from amazon though i switch coax on Bluesound and Cambridge still no difference thanks 
the EQ on chromecast is more effective than bass and treble ajuste on bluesound