can you help me narrow my speaker cables short list please?

seeking a pair of speaker 15ft  speaker cables that I can get in white or white covered jacket covered for under 1k

At the moment I'm using Analysis Plus Oval 12, very happy with them but need to switch to something white, my shortlist as follows;


Nordost 2 Flat,

Wireeworld Stream 8,

Chord OdysseyX,

Bluejeans Octoquad





Check out Performance Audio. Scroll down to Custom Speaker Cables. They have a wide selection of colors & connectors. Go for the Canare 4S11G cable. They can build them for under $300 depending on your choices..but they will also sell you everything so that you could build them yourself if you wish. 

I believe it is a Pro Audio site but many good systems & home audio cable builders are using the new-ish 4S11G cable. The 4S11 was already a very popular choice and the 4S11G is considered a step up in copper quality. 

I came across this site recently when I was looking for some bi-wire cables and specifically that Canare cable. I ended up going a different route though.