Can you help me transition to 2 channel audio?

I've had a medium budget HT rack for a few years now (ATI 7*200 amp, Arcam AV-8 processor, Equitech 2.5Q, KEF 205 speakers, Denon DVD player, M&K sub, etc.)

The home theater part has met my family's expectations, but frankly the music is just flat and uninvolving.

Is there any way to effectively have a HT set-up that also is musical? I'm willing to spend about 5k to start to bring the music back to live.

Your help is appreciated!
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“Is there any way to effectively have a HT set-up that also is musical?”

In my opinion, no. Not unless you enjoy music that has a lot of effects and gimmickry. I am assuming you don’t.

You do not mention if you have the option of a dedicated room for two-channel audio, which is what I would recommend. For 5k you’ll be able to set up a very fairly competent analogue system that will be very involving and very enjoyable.

I agree that another room for 2 channel audio would be best. You might consider, for example, a Primaluna Prologue 1 integrated amp and Coincident Triumph Signature speakers. That will give a sound that is diametrically opposed to the sound you're getting now from your HT system, and you'd probably love it. Those 2 pieces would cost $3K leaving another $2K for a source and cabling.

Cheers, and I hope you will soon be enjoying the music again.
>Is there any way to effectively have a HT set-up that also is musical?
Yes, with a combi system. First put together a musical 2 channel system like you are already planning. Then use the front L/R pre out of your HT system and connect it to a line level in on the preamp of your new 2 channel system. With a setup like this when you use your 2 channel system your HT system is not in the loop but when using the HT system it will be improved from your new more musicial front L/R 2 channel setup, see link below;
My surround sucks and I want to get some good two-channel music
I'd go with Primaluna tubed integrated, decent speaker on stands and a Lenco rebuilt turntable. All in a different room. You might have enough cash for decent cables, etc.
Keep us posted.
Yes, you can have convincing HT and satisfying music sound. Just go 2 channel. Start with a pair of Zu Definition speakers. You'll get convincing spatial coverage and rock-solid anchoring of dialog to the actors on screen. You'll also get all the dynamic energy essential to film emotion along with seriously superior fidelity. Get a preamp with HT pass-through just in case you backslide into X.1ch. More to the point, if you find you really MUST add rear and/or side channels, Zu has some slender options. But you won't need them. The right two channels aren't just enough, they're better!