Can you put a Krell in an apartment?

As you see I am a total "goner" living in a cheap apartment with about 50 grand in Audiophile equipment. I am looking at purchasing an old krell "FPB 400 CX" amp that the manufacturer says needs a dedicated 20 amp line. Can you still run this amp off a regular electrical outlet? If you can, will it sound like crap? 
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I have had my Krell FPB 300cx amp on a rack in my one BR NYC apt. for almost 4 years, without any issues. The important thing is to give it headroom to breathe. Have not had any problems, continues to function perfectly powering my Magico A3's. Neal
To finish the thought: I run the amp into an Audience AR6T power conditioner. Also run a VTL 7.5iii pre into amp, and PS Audio DSD DAC (w/Bridge II streamer), Bryston BDP-1 digital transport, and Sansui TU-1X tuner into pre. Power cables include Elrod Statement Silver from Audience to the wall; AQ Hurricane from pre; Cardas Clear Beyond XL (my new favorite)from DAC. IC's are High Fidleity CT-1 from tuner; CT-1 Ultimate from DAC; and Audience AU24SX XLR from pre to amp. All in an an 800 sq. ft. apt! Neal