Canadian Musicians

It recently occured to me that I like and listen to an awfully high percentage of Canadian music.
I am quite happy to make this confession because/although I am not Canadian.[Aussie]

Some of the Canadian artists I regularly listen to are-Bruce Cockburn,The Flying Bulgars,Holly Cole,Jane Siberry,Leonard Cohen,Mc Gariggle Sisters,Martha Wainwright,Rufus Wainwright,KD Lang,Neil Young,Blue Rodeo,Joni Mitchell,Ron Sexsmith,Harry Manx,Sarah McLachlan and Diana Krall.

I was hoping to expand this list and would be grateful for any other suggestions of good Canadian music in a similar vain[please no Rush suggestions].I'm sure that like many great Australian musos some great Canadians get little recognition outside of their own country.
If it is well recorded too that would be a real bonus.
A brief description of what type of music any suggestions typify would also help.

Hi, Add Jann Arden and Dan Hill. Have you heard the K.D.Lang CD "Hymns of the 49th Parallel" A collection of Canadian music. Interesting stuff. Like hockey too.

Great post. I too have thought about the great quality of Canadian music. The Neil Young biography, "Shakey" gives an interesting look at the nation's music scene in the 60's.

A few of my favorites current favorites not on your list are: Jorane (Montreal I believe), The Weakerthans (Winepeg) who I saw live and really enjoyed, and New Pornographers/Zumpano/Neko Case from BC.

Sarah Harmer - singer-songwriter genre

Of the 2 CD's I have, I slightly prefer her 2000 release "You Were Here" to 2006's "I'm a Mountain".