Canare 4S11"G" now available!

I’ve been a HUGE cheerleader of the Canare 4S11 speaker cable for years now.

I have wanted try the "G" version (Oxygen Free Copper) for quite awhile now, but the minimum order was 328 feet, so I never got to try it. It is now available by the foot.

The guys at Canare claim it’s 4S11 "kicked up a notch"! Man I love that cable.

I’m going to buy enough for my shotgun setup that I use and see how they compare.

Stay tuned...


@baylinor.  I hate breaking in wires of any kind.  It would be nice if the manufacturers would offer a burn-in service.

Alot do offer run in.Regular canare 4s11 easily 500 hrs for burn in.Ofc be the same.After burn in things really do sound dam good for the $.I went from 1200.00 just to see what hub bub was about with all the reviews.Was kindo shocked at how good they sounded right out of the gate.Good connectors do put it all together.

I sold the expensive wires and made a couple other "bargain" wires.

•The 4S11G has a 99.96% pure OFC conductor.

•4s11 uses copper with a purity of 99.9


The characteristics of the cables are exactly the same. The difference is so insignificant in purity, in my opinion, it will not be noticeable at all by ear. Those who already use 4s11g instead of 4s11 write that the resolution has improved a little, there is a little more air and naturalness. All of the above can be attributed as self-hypnosis and should not be taken seriously. These changes are ephemeral. )))


● Answer from a Canare representative.

Hi Sergey,

4S11G feature OFC co­nductor with 99.96% purity.

4S11 feature tough-p­itch copper which is the most commonly used for conductor wi­th 99.9% purity.

The higher the purity of copper gives be­tter conductivity.

Thank you.