Canare 4s11 how good are they ?

I have seen comments herr and there, but I would like to ask some owners their experience eith the Canare 4s11 cables.
My system consists of Audible Illusion 3A pre. Belles Virtuoso amp. Bluesound streamer Lynn Lp12 Vandersteen 2Sig CE and kimber 12t 8'
Most Vandersteen dealers recommend Audioquest biwire like the Rocket 44. Recently, I have read good things about the Canares, which are considered budget, entry level, etc. Has anyone tried them with Vandys. What other speaker cables are a good match for the Vandys 8' $300 top.

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I advise you to put (Oyaide GBN) bananas on the Canare 4s11.  Yes, they are not cheap, but they have excellent screw clamp contact.  With Canare it will be a great bunch.

I replaced the old Analysis-Plus Oval 9 with Canare.  Canare turned out to be much better in sound.

I have had my fair share of speaker cables over the years.  The most expensive being 2400.00 new, I haven't had any in the super expensive range as far as cables go, so I can't speak to that.  But I can say the Canare 4s11 works great in my current system, so good I see no need to upgrade or even look elsewhere.