Canare 4S11

I am taking delivery tomorrow of a 15 foot pair of Canare 4S11 cables which I will incorporate into my secondary system.  I do not expect much from them as I only paid $106.00 for the 15 foot pair with locking bananas on both ends from Ram Electronics.  I am putting these cables up against my Groneberg Quattro Reference cables that go for $25.00 a foot plus termination.  I am hoping for the best but am not expecting too much.  We shall see.  I will report on what I hear after the 200hr break in as that is what I am being told it takes to break them in.
I moved my amp between the speakers and went with Canare 4S11 from bluejeans cable. The best cable is no cable.. these are a close second, especially with short runs.  
At $1.55/foot (Markertek), for a star-quad configuration, 11 awg aggregate conductors (4 @ 14 awg) per polarity, and polyethylene dielectric, 4S11 is certainly a bargain and it would probably take a lot of money to do significantly better.

The other bargain SC at barely over $1/foot is the Furez FZ124AS 12-4, which is a quad of 12 awg cables providing an even larger 9 awg aggregate conductor to each polarity. These feature a rope lay construction using both 27 awg and 36 awg, 4-nines, OFC wires, and foamed polyethylene insulation (FPE - which is unusual for budget cables). I am surprised more folks are not trying this one out - let us know what you hear if you do try it.
Furez FZ124AS
exceptionally good sounding wire at a ridiculously low cost

biwire ready too...
i have a set shotgun biwire and another non biwire set i use in my Vintage room, excellent neutral wire i got from Blue Jeans here in Seattle. a super value. great thread