Canare StarQuad or Monster XP speaker cable?

I want to get some speaker cable for my rears and outside speakers in my new house. I will get the contractor to wire the house with speaker cable. The runs are approx. 30ft each. I will be using Paradigm's outdoor speakers and mini monitors for my rears. I have been looking at either Canare StarQuad or Monster's XP or regular THX cables. All the prices are about the same. Any suggestions or thoughts?

Also, with the StarQuad, do I connect two wires to the positive and two wires to the negative of both the amp and the speaker? and what size cables do you recommend?
Fish, IMO forget the Monster XP's, especially since your having them installed in your walls. Not familiar w/the Canare's. Money spent now will well be worth the agony and regret later.
honestly i would go with run of the mill lamp-cord style speaker cable.

Monster's 14ga cable oughtta be fine for this project, dont really need anything fantastic unless you are a hard-core multi channel music fanatic. if not, then the surrounds are for effects only, i would spend the money saved on better cables for the front and center channels where a bulk of the movie and 2ch music is presented

As for the outdoor speakers, i wouldnt worry about it too much either. I get the feeling you just want something to listen to outside while entertaining guests and BBQing right? Outdoors is terrible enviornment for music, stupid birds singing, dumb traffic noises, wind, etc etc. I wouldnt worry too much about the quality or cable. once again i would just use standard 14ga cable from any company, you would probably have a hard time hearing the subtle differences either while outside.

of course, if cost is no issue, then go ahead and get the real expencive stuff. Kinda a waste in my opinion, but somne people like blowing alot of cash on things like that. :)
Based on bang for the buck, here are the cables that i would suggest. These are all spiral wrapped star quad's, much like the Canare's. This geometry, when properly employed, reduces the potential for RFI ( RF Interference ) and high frequency loss. Since you'll have 30 foot runs per side, this is something that you have to take into consideration, especially if you live in a populated area.

Normal "zip cord" type geometries introduce treble roll-off. Using a longer length of that type of cable compounds the problem, making it even worse. This is not to mention that zip cord is highly susceptable to RFI, acting much like a long wire antenna. Avoid zip cord style type of cable if possible.

first choice

second choice

third choice

With all of that in mind, you would want to configure the wire so that you are criss-crossing the wires that are directly across from each other and use them for the same polarity. In other words, you would have two positives and two negatives for each speaker. The two positives should be across from each other, not next to each other. Same goes for the two negative wires. This would give you a "staggered" polarity as the wires wrap around in a circle. Hope this helps... Sean
Sean's recs are great for in-wall use. If the cable's going to be visible the better-looking, easy to drape Canares are a better choice, and are a pro recording engineer's favorite because of ease of handling and sonic neutrality.
Any of these options are so cheap that you simply shouldn't consider junky Monster or cheap twin-lead. And yes, opposites in the "star" pair up, reducing self-inductance too.
The first two that i suggested aren't bad looking at all whereas the latter looks like a simple low grade communications cable, almost like phone cord. The picture that Parts Express has on their website for the first two cables doesn't do them justice. Sean