Canary Audio Preamps Any Good?

Canary tube preamps appear to offer good build quality for the money, especially on the second hand market. It is therefore surprising there isn’t much info on this brand throughout the web — not many user or “pro” reviews. What’s the deal? Do they not perform well? 



Canary makes fine sounding tube preamps. I own their 4 box monoblock preamp.


That's a beauty. It makes me drool. I have the entry level model and it sounds better than any other pre I've owned. I can only imagine how good it is.

If they are any bit as good as their amps, you can't go wrong. I have the M 350 Mono blocks hooked to  a Cary slp 98 p and the combo is excellent. 

I have the Canary Grand Reference 300B Mono amps with 16 Western Electric 300B tubes. The sound is glorious. It may be overkill in my case as I have 98db speakers. I could part with them for something smaller.

I had the CA160 monoblocks a few years ago. Great sounding amps until one of the output transformers blew. I'm sure the preamps are very nice too.