Canary Audio Preapms

I'm looking to purchase a tube preamp. Anyone have any experience with Canary C900, C800, or CA-906? The C800 and CA-906 appear to be close to each other but the C900 looks to be an all out assault as it is a 4 box unit. I guess it comes down to the old question. How much of an improvement is the C900 vs the other models?
For the money the CA906 is an absolute steal - well made and sounds great. Have had a few of them through here

Best of luck

I have heard the CA900 and CA 906 and I liked them both. The CA 900 had no remote and the CA906 volume is painfully slow. Sound wise the CA906 is awesome, think Audio Research territory and it is capable of that goose bump feeling of reality too. The CA900 is a bargain for the money, it is very very good and at that price I don't know of anything that can touch it but with the CA906 you get more of everything. With the CA906 you are comparing it with some serious top of the line preamps now. No idea on the C900?

I have not heard the C900 but have been listening to a CA-906 and love it. Very smooth and detail. It just sounds good.
I have the c900 dual monos. They were specially built with the longer chassis to support the placement of Furetech gold plated large fuses at the power supply. There are three 6922's per channel in the line stage and twice the 906's and c800's in the power stage.

This preamp gives wonderful detail from top to bottom and a very lifelike soundstage. I'm running it single ended , as recommended by Canary, to a Magnus 300 to my Apogee Full Range speakers. People are blown away when they hear the system.

Hope that helps.

I have the C900 dual monoblock four-chassis preamp. My comments:

Parts are high quality.

Can be used for biamping (both RCA outs are active).

Allows for fine tuning of channel balance.

Channel separation is infinite.