Canary Audio Tube amps

Does anyone out in Audiogon land have any experience with Canary Audio Tube amps and pre-amps?  I would love to hear your opinions?  I am considering them for horn speaker.
I run a pair of Legacy Audio Whispers with a Cary SLP 98P Pre and a pair of Canary M 350 Mono's. Amps are excellent. 

A pair of ca 160 mono blocks  and a ca 801 l and ca801p. They will drive just about any speaker. They have the rich tube beauty. The preamp  is one of the best I have ever listened  to. You will enjoy your time with your canary. Remember  though you will likely  marry  your canary pieces  not one really understands  how good they are. Pieces I have looked at for five years are still on ebay. If you buy canary buy the best you can afford because  you will own them for along time. Used and new old stock pieces  are at huge discounts  over msrp.