Candidates for best speakers in the $2000-5000 market

I’m asking for listeners’ experience in this bracket, buttressed by reviews and/or data; I am not a fan of "whatever sounds good to you." Ultimately, yes, that will be the case. But in getting to that point, I’m looking to benefit from the advantage of a thousand pairs of ears rather than mine alone. Those ears can include the inanimate. Thank you.

My experience has included my own Elac 403, Elac 407, and Dynaudio Special 40. Auditions have included various Sonus Faber, and Magico. All of this is in preparation for justifying the leap for an Electa Amator lll or its equivalent. But that’s for another day, another forum.

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Kef LS60--if you're interested in music more than tinkering with components. Active speakers are state of the art audio technology. No need to buy anything else.


New to the scene, but I auditioned a fair amount of speakers at a slightly lower cap, and end choosing Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G ($3.4k), with Sonus Faber Lumina V as runner up.  I passed on Focal 926 (slightly pricier and a bit lean to my taste), Totems (various models), B&W 7 series (though signature line did sound great). 

I never did get to listen to Revels, but people are going nuts for the Revel PerformaBe line and the 226 could probably had used under $5k

I run my Monitor Audios off Hegel 190 integrated and just got some Pine Audio iso cables (bi-wiring DOES make a substantial difference on the MAs).

Good luck and let us know where you end up.


Greetings, does anyone have experience with Rosso Florentino and Verity speaker brands to share?

If you have a decent sized room and the power (more accurately, current) Magnepan 1.7is win best speakers in that price point every year. Plus, doing Magna Risers really makes them sing even more