Candidates for best speakers in the $2000-5000 market

I’m asking for listeners’ experience in this bracket, buttressed by reviews and/or data; I am not a fan of "whatever sounds good to you." Ultimately, yes, that will be the case. But in getting to that point, I’m looking to benefit from the advantage of a thousand pairs of ears rather than mine alone. Those ears can include the inanimate. Thank you.

My experience has included my own Elac 403, Elac 407, and Dynaudio Special 40. Auditions have included various Sonus Faber, and Magico. All of this is in preparation for justifying the leap for an Electa Amator lll or its equivalent. But that’s for another day, another forum.

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I've been very happy with the Salk Silk Monitors and HSU ULS15.  I also thought that the Philharmonic BMR monitors and the Q Acoustics Concept 50s I heard at CAF were excellent. 

I have a pair of GoldenEar Triton 1’s that sound wonderful to me. 

They disappear in 2-channel, w a soundstage that can extend past their physical station depending on the recording. 

And they are perfectly at home as the LR in my modest home theater. 

One of the important factors to me was their sensitivity. They still sound fantastic driven by an AVR, because not much is driven- as you know they have their own low end power source built-in. 

good luck!



Update: I've acquired a pair of gently used Dynaudio Heritage. Wow. What a significant difference from the very good Special Forty. The Heritage opens up and sings.

@richardmathes that's good to hear. I did read that the Heritage was amazing. I was never too impressed with the Special Fourty. Dynaudio speakers are so musical, my next speakers would be the Contours.