Canned Heat Live at the Kaliedescope Lounge

Vinyl - what a find! Live, recorded in 1969. Any Canned Heat fans out there?
Oh yeah, have lots of Canned Heat, both on vinyl and cd. I've always wanted to get the Canned Heat and John Lee Hooker stuff.
Lilith is the Russian re-ish label.I have their excellent LP of Tim Hardin out takes from his first and second LPs.Kaliedoscope is a straight re-ish of "Live at The Topanga Corral".The Corral was on the top of Topanga Canyon Road between Calabasas and the Ocean.I lived in the canyon in the late 50s,went to second grade there.At that time The Corral was a jazz joint (DeWitt's ?)my dad would go there to drink and listen.My brother and I would play out back.Joe Albany,Warne Marsh and others would play there.Don't know when it went rock.In the 50s the canyon was strictly Hicksville,The tules,no one home.We were miles from the nearest neighbor who actually had a fallout shelter.
Lilith is the Russian re-ish label, are these russian Vinyl have any good depth or audiophile quality to them, , or u just happy to have a version of the Cann heat LP
I saw the original Canned Heat in the late 60's in Honolulu. Vestine had a live meltdown about his amps (stacks of some obscure tube stuff I had never heard of before or since) and actually smacked a befuddled Alan Wilson's guitar strings resulting in a loud clang. In a the middle of packed, sold out show. He managed to recover from his little public tantrum and finished the set. Weird, but fun.
Sundazed is selling their debut album culled from the original MONO master re mastered with tube equipment and it is f'in amazing. Some of these MONO recordings are just amazing.
I hope they release Boogie With the Canned Heat using the MONO master too.