Canton reference 1.2 DC

has anyone heard the canton reference 1.2 C speakers
hard to find or listen to in the us
I read a review of their predecessor the vento reference
considering buying Wilson Sasha , B&W 800 Diamond,
Canton 1.2. Want to see how they compare
very helpful
also considering used Wilson Maxx 3
Cantons are only for sale by having them shipped from east coast.I listen to classical symphonic music and feel that a larger speaker will produce a larger orchestral sound
Either way you go, both will need big amps. While Wilson lists their speakers as dome 95 dB sensitive, they drop to sick low impedance and need really powerful amps, Canton's need it for the inefficiency. I suspect you are right and the larger speaker will improve your dynamics. Maxx 3's are a nice speaker, lot of coin, tough call the Ref 1.2's v Maxx 3's….. I would suspect the Ref 1.2's might be more dynamic. For true live dynamics in the Wilson line you now need the XLF.

You might be able to find a nice pair of Alexandria X2S2 used though…..
You've been very helpful
My amplifiers are 400 wpc into 8 ohm and 800 wpc into 4 ohms
seems like the Cantons are 4-5 ohms.
I may upgrade after I buy speakers .
Any other speakers in the 30k to 40k range that you've heard that you like?
YG acoustics and Magico are really nice, Magico's are a bit flat for me though. I ran my Sasha's with a Krell Evo 403e and it was plenty of power for them, I actually was playing it rather loud one day and melted the voice coil of the tweeter…..