Cap change advise for a Symphonies V2 preamp?


I have a V2 symphonies and wanted to change the coupling and output caps. TNT did post a review and changes but it was on the first version although the caps on mine are the same. This is the signal path part of the pre not for the pwr supply. I may decide to tackle that portion at another time. I have contacted YS audio maker of the these preamps but have not recieved any answers to date. Thanks and enjoy the music.

Ok here's what parts-express has in terms of prices: Hovland--.22uF 400v $10.38 1uf 4oov $19.42, Auri--.22uF 400v $13.71 1uF 4oov $15.20, Multicap ppmfx series-- .22uf 400v $4.26, 1uf 400v $8.22. Hovlands are are on sale and the Multicaps are the least expensive. The Vcap are really high-ouch- but the most popular. With my pre not being all that in circuit design(simple)I tend to lean toward the Multicap. Any thoughts? With the 1uF caps I need four the .22uf just two.
Of course simple(less in the signal path) is best, and caps are what nature(as in, "live music") seems to abhor the most. Ergo: my recommendations are always to go with the best/least obtrusive in any application. Of the ones you've mentioned, I'd personally go with the auriCAPs. Be certain to observe the proper orientation of the caps in your circuit:( ), keep your leads as short as possible, and find some WBT lead-free silver solder(very low melting point). Have fun!

With a meter how would I check for proper orientation? On the caps I want to change there a white wire connected to one end and the other is a bare wire. Without a diagram to go by I need to know what to look for with a meter.
The site I posted(last) explains which lead(black) is connected to the outer foil of the(auriCAP) cap, which should be connected to the signal source in your case(coupling), for best noise rejection. Most of the better caps' leads are designated in some way to indicate proper orientation.
Yep I saw that after I wrote to you. They do a great job in explaning things. Thanks again.