capacitors to Thrshold S/160 amp

Hello friends, I'm looking capacitors for my Threshold S / 160, they are 15000uF 100v, I talked to Jon Soderberg, and told me the following:

The amplifier is in need of new capacitors to continue operation with much performance.
With new, larger value caps the amp will Have More bass and better detail as well.

Jon Soderberg

but has not given me more information, that capacitor is not the best for Threshold, and place the most suitable without spending much money ...

a greeting and I hope your answers

many thanks
You need to find a pair of 100V Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors with Screw Terminals which can be easily purchased from either Mouser, Digikey or Newark in the US. The originals were Mallory brand but it doesn't matter. You must be careful to measure height and diameter if you go larger than 15,000uF to make sure they fit in the space you have so you may not be able to go much larger than 25,000uF. You are looking at a price of $35 to $40 each in this capacitance size range. The amp will sound better with a larger capacitors as Jon suggests. If you don't know what you are doing, have someone else do the work. Installing with the wrong polarity would be catastrophic....
thank you very much Barry, I've been looking for these pages, but there are many parameters to choose, I currently have this:
Cornell Dublier DCMX153U100BC2B 15000uF 100v

I want to place this

Corner Dublier DCMC313U100BF2B, 31000uF 100v
diameter measurements are the same, just change the height ...

I only need a place to buy 2 units ..

thank you very much again
You are replacing the original Mallory 15000uF/100V?
Mallory was purchased by Cornell Dubilier about 10 years ago. All the Mallory caps are made by Cornell Dubilier now still labeled Mallory all caps are made in South Carolina factory.

Your best choice for replacement Cornell Dubilier DCMC203U100BC2B( 20000uF/100V) 2 inches in diameter or 4.1 inches long perfect fit about 60$ each. You can buy it from Mouser/TTI/Digikey. Also Nichicon LNR2A333MSE 33000uF/100V but they are longer 5.6 inches long same price Digikey have these in stock. Using very high capacitance not recommended.
Try and find the cap that has the highest ripple current spec. These caps usually also have low ESR (equivalent series resistance), that means they charge up quickly and discharge quickly under dynamic situations.